Eng-Siew Koh Clinical Oncology Society of Australia Annual Scientific Meeting 2020

Eng-Siew Koh

Associate Professor Eng-Siew Koh is a Senior Staff Specialist in Radiation Oncology, based at Liverpool Hospital, NSW and Conjoint Associate Professor at the University of New South Wales. Her interest in the field of cancer survivorship was fostered during a Fellowship at Princess Margaret Hospital, Toronto Canada, developing sub-specialty interests in neuro-oncology, haematological, breast and lung cancer, with a particular research focus on late effects after cancer treatment in paediatric and adult survivors. Her current research interests address the impact of cancer treatments including radiotherapy and other systemic therapies on the manifestation and chronology of cardiovascular disease in oncology populations. Assoc. Professor Koh’s research projects span cardiac imaging (MRI and echocardiography) in the detection of cardiac sequelae in patients undergoing radiation for breast and other intra-thoracic cancers, and a multi-atlas cardiac segmentation method to aid the measurement of accurate radiation dosage to cardiac structures which help determine cardiac sequelae. Together with cardiology collaborators, a cardio-oncology service has been established since 2017 in South West Sydney for the assessment and management of acute and chronic cardiovascular conditions in oncology patients. Associate Prof. Koh is a chief investigator on the successfully-funded ACRF Oncology Alliance for the Science of Integrative Survivorship (“OASIS”) Research Centre, of which cardio-oncology research is a central pillar.

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