David Clune Clinical Oncology Society of Australia Annual Scientific Meeting 2020

David Clune

While having no formal medical education, I do however have a wealth of experience being a patient in and out of the hospital system for around 40 years. My journey has involved many health complications, I am the recipient of a Liver and Kidney transplant, have had an aortic stent, bowel resection and diabetes to name a few. Through my medical dealings, I have had experience with numerous different departments within the hospitals, currently attending approximately 7- 8 different clinics. I am a donate life community champion and I currently sit on the consumer advisory panel which I do with great passion in my desire to help guide the needs for improvement for current patients and families. I have grown to learn a lot from the hospital staff and advisers and only hope to be able to contribute and give back with my first hand understanding as a patient.

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