Clinical Oncology Society of Australia Annual Scientific Meeting 2020

Lung cancer screening with a focus on implementation science  (#131)

Kwun Fong 1 , Henry Marshall 1 , Rayleen Bowman 1 , Ian Yang 1
  1. The Prince Charles Hospital / Univ of QLD Thoracic Research Centre, Chermside, QLD, Australia

There were ~1.8million global new lung cancers (LC) in 2012, and lung cancer was the second largest cause of premature deaths and the most common cause of cancer death (1.59 million). While curable at an early stage, two thirds present with advanced LC, when survival is short and cure uncommon. 

It is now proven from two high quality RCTs that CT screening reduces LC mortality;

  • The National LC Screening Trial (NLST) reported a 20% (95% CI 6.8% – 26.7%; P=0.004)
  • The Dutch-Belgian NEderlands-Leuvens Longkanker Screenings ONderzoek (NELSON) study 10 year rate ratio for LC death was 0.76 (95% CI 0.61 to 0.94; P = 0.01) in the screening group.

The 2015 Australian position statement did not recommend a national screening but with rapidly mounting evidence, the Australian Minister for Health launched a national LC screening Enquiry, including special consideration of Indigenous Australian.  Thus, the research focus must now address key implementation issues, in order to be able to use this Health Technology to save Australian lives.