Clinical Oncology Society of Australia Annual Scientific Meeting 2020

AI-powered Precision Diagnostics to Guide Cancer Treatment (#116)

Brandon Suh 1
  1. Lunit, Seoul, South Korea

Lunit is a medical AI software company with a mission to conquer cancer via AI, by developing AI-powered biomarkers that enables more effective diagnosis and treatment of cancer. The presentation will be about how Lunit's AI-powered algorithms can be used for cancer care. Lunit INSIGHT enables accurate and efficient diagnosis of cancer and other major diseases in chest and breast imaging, including chest x-ray and mammography. Lunit INSIGHT has been proven to outperform radiologists and augment their interpretive performance, and has demonstrated potential to detect cancer 2-3 years earlier when it is hardly visible through human vision. Lunit SCOPE enables accurate prediction of response to immunotherapy through comprehensive analysis of pathology images. It has been shown to identify 50% more patients who would benefit from immunotherapy compared to current standard of care, which has the potential to increase overall cancer survival rate.