Live Virtual Presentation Clinical Oncology Society of Australia Annual Scientific Meeting 2020

Live QOOL MDT in action! (#80)

Jeremy Long 1 , Kirk Morris 2 , Benjamin Chua 2 , Bryan Chan 3
  1. Coastal Cancer Care, Birtinya, QLD, Australia
  2. Royal Brisbane & Women's Hospital, Herston, QLD, Australia
  3. Griffith University, Sunshine Coast University Hospital, University of Queensland, Birtinya, QLD, Australia, QLD, Australia

You saw how QOOL can help with ‘big data’, but now, here’s a session to demonstrate the real power for individual patients and their treating teams. By optimising data availability at the point of contact, learn about how QOOL can assist both you and your patient throughout the cancer care trajectory.

QOOL is an initiative of Cancer Alliance Queensland to support Queensland’s progress in delivering safe quality cancer care.  Significant improvements in cancer care have been achieved since the introduction of QOOL in 2009.  Data and clinical scenarios from QOOL will be explored in further detail in each of the presentations.

QOOL is a web-based, customisable system which supports cancer multidisciplinary teams by assisting meeting preparation, communication and documentation of essential clinical information such as diagnosis, cancer stage and recommended treatment plans. QOOL provides a centralised platform of patient data for multiple users, accessible anywhere, anytime. As a multisided platform QOOL connects clinicians to patient data drawn from 60 clinical and administrative systems. Imagine having real time data at your fingertips which allows you to manage patients, communicate with colleagues, conduct audits, participate in research and gain insights into your local practice.

The plenary will comprise 4 oral presentations showcasing various aspects of the QOOL platform; the statewide Myeloid MDT highlighting the benefits of collecting structured data and providing a real-world example of recording consumable genomics information; BYO (build your own) QOOL project – a lung cancer register for Queensland; Tracking your multidisciplinary meeting performance using QOOL- Dash.

The papers will be followed by a panel discussion where you can draw on the presenters’ firsthand experience of utilising a purpose built clinical cancer application to improve care for your patients locally.

1:50 PM Jeremy Long
Live QOOL MDT in action! 

1:56 PM Kirk Morris
Bridging the geographic divide for myeloid leukaemia – a statewide system accessible to everyone  

2:04 PM Benjamin Chua
Build your own QOOL Project

2:12 PM Bryan Chan
QOOL dash - Tracking my Lung cancer MDT performance

2:20 PM Panel Discussion