Clinical Oncology Society of Australia Annual Scientific Meeting 2020

Transforming digital data into cancer care practice: implementation science in action  (#26)

Shoni Philpot 1 , Danica Cossio 2 , Euan Walpole 3 , Rick Walker 4
  1. Cancer Alliance Queensland, Woolloongabba, QLD, Australia
  2. Queensland Cancer Control Analysis Team, Brisbane, QLD, Australia
  3. Princess Alexandra Hospital, Woolloongabba, QLD, Australia
  4. Children's Health Queensland, South Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Implementation science is at the core of the Cancer Alliance Queensland safety and quality program. Through a variety of mechanisms; data analysis, customised hospital reporting, dashboards, clinical review and feed back to clinical teams Cancer Alliance Queensland promotes the systematic uptake of key findings into routine practice.  

We take a deep dive into the Queensland Oncology Repository (a data lake) to uncover extensive data resources and insights of practical value to cancer care services, highlighting where the health system is performing well and identifying areas for improvement.

The plenary will comprise 4 oral papers based on population data from the Queensland Oncology Repository which describe the multisided QOOL platform or ‘air bnb’ of cancer data, novel approaches using natural language processing to determine cancer stage and recurrence, assessment of guideline concordant care in the colorectal cancer population and insights into management of adolescent and young adult cancer across Queensland.

The presentations will showcase the commitment of clinicians to creating a “learning cancer care system” which through systematic continuous quality monitoring, data analytics and application of such data informs overall strategies and targeted improvement efforts. The “learning cancer care system” inspires reflection and self-examination of performance in the local setting.  This is an essential tool which aids cancer clinicians in evaluating the delivery of cancer services in Queensland.

The papers will be followed by a panel discussion to explore the following key issues. How do we address implementation gaps across services? Where is a renewed effort needed to improve services? What is acceptable variation in cancer management?

1:30 PM Jeremy Long - Intro

1:35 PM Shoni Philpot
Transforming digital data into cancer care practice: implementation science in action

1:45 PM Danica Cossio
Natural language processing; a novel approach to determine stage and recurrence for 5 cancer populations

1:55 PM Rick Walker
Utilising big data to inform the management of AYA cancer in Queensland

2:05 PM Euan Walpole
Performing well & room for improvement; spotlight on CRC guideline concordant care

2:15 PM Panel Discussion