Live Virtual Presentation Clinical Oncology Society of Australia Annual Scientific Meeting 2020

Developing and implementing a comprehensive consumer engagement framework  (#52)

Sophy Athan 1
  1. Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre, Carlton, VIC, Australia

This presentation will examine the development and implementation of the VCCC consumer engagement strategy action plan. It will consider the background out of which it emerged.  The development of the concept of an action plan rather than a traditional framework and what where the benefits that this offered.  It will try to outline the rewards both from a consumer perspective but also from an organisational perspective and beyond.  Mitigating challenges as they arose to ensure that the action plan was on track and the development of the engagement strategy undertaken to include all stakeholders.

This presentation will consider and outline what worked and what could work better.  Taking the learnings as we progressed through an interesting and untested process of engagement with all.  This presentation will share some specific examples of what approaches worked and look at what could have been done better as we gained knowledge through the process itself. We applied this in the research, education and clinical trials environment with varying degrees of success.

The model developed is being implemented which includes an action plan tool kit which is available to anyone freely to access and download.  Currently attempts to measure the consumer engagement action impact are being considered.  There are significant challenges recognised with such an undertaking requiring integrated planning and commitment from all. Looking to the future it shows us that consumers do not necessarily have to be merely partners but they can also lead in a variety of roles.