e-Poster Presentation Clinical Oncology Society of Australia Annual Scientific Meeting 2020

Evaluation of Counterpart Navigator information app for women with breast or a gynaecological cancer (#315)

Linda Rehill 1 , Elizabeth Black 2 , Kyna Godhani 2 , Victoria White 2 , Fiona McRae 1
  1. Counterpart, Women's Health Victoria, Melbourne, VICTORIA, Australia
  2. School of Psychology, Faculty of Health, Deakin University , Geelong, VIC, Australia

The Counterpart Navigator app was launched in 2017, providing evidence-based information for women with a breast or gynaecological cancer. It expanded the BreaCan early breast cancer Navigator to include six gynaecological cancers. To assist with evaluation of the app, a survey of users and health professionals was conducted in 2019.


To assess satisfaction with the expanded app, along with awareness and referral patterns in health professionals working with breast and gynaecological cancer patients.


Data were collected using web analytics and online surveys over a 2-month period.



A total of 111 women commenced the survey and 72 completed it. Satisfaction with information was generally high. Of the gynaecological cancer Navigators, ovarian (n=18), uterine (n=17) and cervical (n=16) were most commonly viewed. Most women were extremely satisfied (43%) or somewhat satisfied (45%) with the Navigator. A total of 12 health professionals completed the health professional survey making it hard to draw conclusions from this sample. These low numbers appeared to relate to a lack of awareness of the app and its features. Areas for development were a metastatic breast cancer Navigator, enhanced navigation and loading speed, and increased promotion to health professionals. The Navigator helped women feel supported, informed and better able to cope with their diagnosis and treatment.



Improvements implemented include faster loading times and increased promotion to health professionals. While the number of unique individuals ‘visiting’ the app, has remained constant over the past 2 years, there has been a decrease in page visits, indicating users are accessing fewer pages when they visit. Returning visitor ‘time on site’ has increased by 12% indicating possible engagement with the information.  Future promotion through the Counterpart website will make the app more visible with the aim of increasing usage.