e-Poster Presentation Clinical Oncology Society of Australia Annual Scientific Meeting 2020

The benefits of the clinical nurse consultant – Care coordinator. A 5 year KPI retrospective review. (#367)

Zoe Marie Johnson 1
  1. Crown Princess Mary Cancer Centre (CPMCC) - Westmead Hospital , Westmead , NSW, Australia


The Metastatic Breast Cancer Clinical Nurse Consultant (MBC-CNC) maintained a database identifying and demonstrating effective achievements of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).This allowed the MBC-CNC to identify and correlate the benefits of the position for the cancer patients, and that of an already over-burdened healthcare system. It's apparent the MBC-CNC benefits patients’, their families, by providing a single point of contact and adoption of a holistic approach to healthcare.


Retrospectively review KPI’s of the MBC-CNC, over a five-year period, to establish benefits of a MBC-CNC. Focusing on the number of clinical phone calls resulting in reduction of Emergency Department (ED) presentation. Furthermore, facilitation of ‘direct to ward’ admissions, circumventing ED. Collation and correlation of the five-year data allowed comparison between the financial benefit to the healthcare sector and ultimately the cancer patient.


Collation of daily KPI’s, over a five-year period.


  1. Phone conversations - clinical content
  2. New patients met
  3. In-patients reviewed
  4. Presentation to ED avoided
  5. Unplanned ED presentations
  6. Direct ward admissions
  7. Time in lieu/unpaid overtime worked

Note: Period March 2014 - February 2019.


Over five years:

  1. Phone conversations with clinical content = 15,759 calls
  2. New patients met = 304
  3. In-patients reviewed = 950
  4. Presentation to ED avoided = 1794
  5. Unplanned ED presentations = 59
  6. Direct ward admissions = 103
  7. Time in lieu/unpaid overtime worked = 1986.5 hours


Direct saving to healthcare system;

 Cost of AVG. 1 x ED presentation = $660

  • 5 years = $1,184,040 savings (1794 pts x $660).
  • 1 year AVG = $236,280 savings (358 pts x $660).



This retrospective review identified a direct correlation with the MBC-CNC role and a decrease in patient hospital admissions. Fewer presentations to ED was highlighted, with a financial benefit to the healthcare system. Furthermore, this review identified the benefits the MBC-CNC provides to the cancer patient



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